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Helping people is the mission of Invent Medical. New technology will constantly disrupt and change the medical field. We apply digital technologies to invent, develop and design a new generation of custom-made orthotic & prosthetic products so patients can experience better treatment outcomes.

Experienced Team

We build on 25 years of technical and clinical experience in the O&P field and have been successfully 3D printing since 2010. We have experienced all the issues of the O&P industry first-hand and we have continually embraced new ideas to offer improved products and outcomes.

Multidisciplinary Approach

We believe that innovation happens when experts from different arenas meet and work together. We employ not only orthotists and prosthetists but also biomechanic specilists, product designers, software engineers and experts in biomedicine.

Innovation Is In Our DNA

Thinking out of the box and solving challenges is our passion. We cooperate with medical doctors, clinicians and universities to tackle the most challenging issues. Our goal is to become the global leader in innovation in custom-made 3D printed orthotics & prosthetics.

We Believe In Trully Custom Products

Everyone is unique. Everyone’s needs and style preferences are different. With our interactive configurators, patients become the co-designers. For too long design has come in last place. We know that products must not only fit the body, but also the lifestyle and fashion choices of the user. Great design dramatically increases the acceptance of the medical device and the satisfaction of the user.

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