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Some people are challenged in their lives more than others. Luckily for them there is you - orthotists, prosthetists, physiotherapists, podiatrists and doctors to help them. Our mission is to give you a new generation of 3D printed orthotic & prosthetic products and processes to ease your job and improve lives of your patients.

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Why Invent Medical?

It is expected that one in three custom-made O&P products will be 3D printed by 2027. Invent Medical Digital Platform is the easiest way to start with 3D printed medical products.

  • Advanced Products

    We use cutting-edge technology to develop the most advanced 3D printed O&P products.

  • Easy To Implement

    With the free interactive configuration software, it is very easy to design custom-made devices for your patients.

  • Extensive Support

    We offer unlimited, free professional technical and clinical support to all Invent Medical customers.

  • Stand Out

    With Invent Medical products and processes, you will gain a strong competitive advantage.

  • Fast & Affordable

    Invent Medical solutions are developed to speed up the whole process and to be affordable.

  • Full Package

    We take care of product design, manufacturing by 3D printing and marketing materials.

  • “We run the largest network of private orthotic clinics in the United Kingdom. We consider Invent Medical to be exactly the right partner to help us develop in the years to come.”

    Steve Mottram

    Technology In Motion, UK

  • “Ever since we first time delivered PIRO, the response was immediately amazing. Breathable, lightweight and it also looks pretty! Our goal is to get our customers moving again. Piro is helping them to make it happened! Is there anything more beautiful than children jumping around in puddles and walking and running around again? With an AFO that fits perfectly, they can.”

    Juul Adriaensen

    Rijndam Orthopedietechniek

  • “We are happy to be part of the Talee family!”

    Clinicians Around The World

    Utilizing Talee cranial
    remolding orthosis

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